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Brian is a content creator in Winnipeg, Manitoba, which makes him a professional story teller.  He loves to talk with people, find out what their story is and what makes them and their business stand out from their competition. Then he finds the best way to tell others about it.

This can be done through print media, writing an article, a personality or business profile. It can be done through video, using both audio and video to highlight a person’s or business’ strengths. It can be done through advertising. Or it can be done through online media, through a blog, graphic advertising or online videos.  There are many ways to tell a story.  It all depends on who you want to reach.

Call 204-880-5505 or e-mail brian@highhopescommunications.ca and find out what High Hopes Communications can do to make your communications and promotions dreams come true.


Article, Profile & Content Writing

Are you in need of a good content writer?  Brian has experience writing and editing newsletters, magazines and books, writing Event Reports, creating  Media Releases and Public Service Announcements, interviewing and writing Personality and Business Profiles, blog and web writing and much more.  If you need something written, Brian can help.

Event Promotion

Are you planning a special event, grand opening, or fundraiser and need to get it noticed? Then High Hopes Communications is the place to go.

Creative Design

Do you need help making your graphic design projects more creative?  Are you looking for a design that reflects your company’s goals and values? Then let High Hopes Communications help.

Video Creation & Promotion

Are you looking for someone who can tell your company’s story through audio, video?  Are you looking for creative video to liven up your web content? Then High Hopes Communications can help.

Promotional Material

Are you looking for help creating the items needed to promote your business?  Do you need promotional material to enhance your online image and material to hand out to potential clients?  In that case, High Hopes Communications can help.

Social Media Content

Do you need social media content to enhance your online image?  Do you need help getting people to find and follow you on social media?  In that case, High Hopes Communications can help.

Web and Online Content

Are you unhappy with your Website Content?  Do you need fresh content to draw potential customers to you?  in that case, High Hopes Communications can help.

Thought Of The Day

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Our New Reality

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The Great Wall

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Easter Bunny Shot in Crossfire

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Winnipeg Biz Exchange

Promotional Videos


North East Biz Exchange Speaker Forum May 10, 2018

North East Biz Exchange will be presenting its next 2018 Speaker Forum on Thursday, May 10, at...


Rotary Club of Winnipeg-Charleswood Annual Lobster Night

The Rotary Club of Winnipeg-Charleswood will be holding its annual Lobster Night on Saturday, June...

Build Your Dream Business

I’m looking for dreamers, so if you have big business dreams but a small promotional budget, I want to talk to you.


Are you a Dreamer?  High Hopes Communications is looking for Dreamers, people with big business dreams but a small promotional budget   Brian Campbell is the Owner/Content Creator/Communications Specialist of High Hopes Communications, a Communications and Promotions business based in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  Brian is a professional storyteller.  He loves to tell a person’s story and highlight what makes them great. He loves to tell a person’s story and highlight what makes them special.  The same goes for a business or charitable organization. He loves to dig into what really makes them stand out from their competition and tell others about it. There are many ways to do this.  It can be done through print media, writing an article, a personality or business profile. It can be done through video creation, using both audio and video to highlight a person’s or business’ strengths. It can be done through standard advertising. Or it can be done through online and social media content, through a blog, graphic advertising or online video content.  Online promotion combines every form of storytelling, print, video, graphic ad, and reaches a worldwide audience. Whether you want a static or video ad, web content or even need a blog written, High Hopes Communications can help. Brian can also help you out if you have an upcoming event that you want to promote. He can create public service announcements (PSA) and media releases to get you as much free promotion as possible.  There are many ways to tell a story.  It all depends on who you want to reach and the story you want to tell. The first thing you need to do is  get in touch with Brian so he can sit down and talk with you and find out what your story is.  Then he can find out what form of media it will take to reach your target audience.

So give him a call at 204-880-5505 or e-mail brian@highhopescommunications.ca and find out what High Hopes Communications can do to make your communications and promotions dreams come true.

High Hopes Communications – Working with you to make your communications and promotions dreams come true.

People Are Talking About High Hopes Communications!

Brian Campbell is exact, conscientious and very easy to work with. I found him to be reliable and what he didn’t know, he researched.
I appreciated the work he did before submitting the ad, as there was very little to change afterwards, thus saving time and money.
Thanks to Brian I now have an eye-catching advertisement, which I feel will bring me much business in the future!

Cheron Long-Landes
Cheron Dearle Holistic

Brian was tenacious, creative and optimistic every step of the promotional campaign we had designed together.
Results were that the public was well aware of our event – and responded positively.

Wilma Derksen
Coach at White Banners Executive Coaching

Brian is a great asset to the community. He works diligently to raise the profile of the ALS Society.
Events and programs run smoothly when Brian is on the team. When you want something done well ask Brian.

Jessica LoRusso
Owner, Zealous Medi Spa

An outstanding person with which to work, Brian pays attention to detail, is a self-starter and has plenty of great ideas.
He’s an out-of-the-box thinker who delivers on his promises. I’d recommend Brian to anyone.

Scott Taylor
Executive Editor at The Huddle Magazine

I had the distinct pleasure of getting to know Brian through our sponsorship of the 2011 Cornflower Gala.
His dedication to the cause and to the supporters was tremendous which resulted in a very well-run and successful event.

Laurie Barkman
Chief Engagement Specialist/ facilitator/speaker ready to work with you to improve your customer’s service experience

I am thoroughly enjoying the business relationship with Brian and the ALS Society of Manitoba. Brian is a tireless worker with a passion for what he does.
And Brian does it very well. He is attentive to detail and is someone who gets the job done.

Tony Mariani
Account Executive CJOB Radio

As a board member of the ALS Society of Manitoba, I have seen first hand the responsibilities Brian has in his position as Events/Volunteer Coordinator with the ALS Society.
He is incredibly passionate about his work and has really put the ALS Manitoba on the map.Their profile has been enhanced because of Brian’s ability to network effectively and his attention to detail. He’s very goal oriented and it shows in everything he does.

Chris Albi
Communications Coordinator at Winnipeg Harvest

Brian is a conscientious person who is very much a team player. As a board member I could always rely on Brian
to deliver the information needed when it was needed. He worked well with other employees as well as the Board of Directors at the MBIA.

Barbara Johnson
USANA Health Sciences.

Brian is extremely hard working, loyal and committed to giving 150% to any project he takes on.
He has a broad base of communications skills including graphic design, video production and writing skills.

Terry Wiebe
Independent Fund-Raising Professional

It is with great pleasure I provide a reference/testimonial for Brian of High Hopes Communications.
I met Brian at the Promenade Business Exchange and asked him to design a new logo for me.
In one week – 7 days – my logo was done!  It went from an idea to ready for print in one week.
I was in shock, as my previous logo update took months to come together.
Brian has an incredible knack for HEARING what his clients are asking for and translating that into a finished product.
He is talented and amazing.

Penni-Rae Ozuk
Consulting Coaching Services

Brian has proven to be a driven and results oriented professional in both his student and professional career.
He is tenacious, creative and one of the hardest working people I know.
Combined with a positive attitude and friendly demeanour,
Brian has exhibited strong leadership capabilities and can adapt in high pressure situations without affecting his quality of work.
It’s been a pleasure to know and work with Brian

Matt Di Ubaldo
Social Media Consultant

I have been with HHC for two years now .This has been one of the most responsible, enthusiastic, caring, energetic companies I have ever had the privilege to deal with.
I love that I’m treated with enthusiasm with every promotion I have put out, from business cards, to bill boards, to building my face book page. This has been a pleasure.

Gary Kozussek
The Shoe Guy Shoe Repair

I have had the pleasure to work with Brian for many years starting when he was with the ALS Society of Manitoba
and continued working with him and his clients when he started High Hopes Communications.
Brian is not only a client and friend but recently I was his client. I hired High Hopes Communications to have a memorial reception recorded. Brian was very professional and provided the same in the video he produced.
I would highly recommend Brian and High Hopes Communications!

Margaret Hemphill

Account Executive
Canstar News