Resources and Recommendations

The following is a list of some of the people and businesses that have worked with, currently work with or have done business with in the city of Winnipeg.  They are talented professionals whom I highly recommend.  Many of them can be found Friday mornings at Promenade Business Exchange.  Others can be found through the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce. Check out their services to help you to make your Personal and Business Dreams Come True.

Scott Toderash – 100 Percent Helpdesk –

Siddha Param –

Biz Exchange Mall –

Promenade Café and Wine –

InterFusion Media –

Fort Gibraltar –

The Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce –

Red River College Print and Graphic Centre –

Cheron Dearle Holistic –

L’Arche Tova Cafe –

L’Arche Winnipeg –

Winnipeg Charleswood Rotary Club –

Rotary World Peace Partners –