Two things are foremost in our minds right now; Christmas and outgoing US President, Donald Trump. Here is a story from the Short Shorts section of Out of My Mind that touches on both of those topics.



What the Dickens

President Donald Trump was woken up from his usual dream of chasing Playboy Playmates around the White House while wearing nothing but a diaper. A glowing figure was leaning over his bed, staring down at him. Trump brushed a long lock of hair out of his eyes and carefully pressed it back into place, instinctively reaching for the gel on his bedside table and pasting everything in place. He sat up, his eyes following the long, lean frame up to the stern, bearded face. He recognized that face.

“I know you,” he began. “You’re…”

“Yes, I am,” the deep voice assured him.

“Daniel Day-Lewis!” Trump finished with an excited smile.

“Abraham Lincoln!” the bearded man’s voice boomed. “Past President of these United States.”

The smile disappeared from Trump’s face. “Oh yeah…him. What are you doing in my bedroom?”

“There has been some concern upstairs over the way you have been treating this office, so we have come forward to warn you.” “Concerns with me?” Trump asked, nervously. “Wait a minute. What do you mean, we?” The ghost of Lincoln gestured, and other figures stepped forward. As they did, he announced their names: “Former President George Washington. Former President Harry Truman. Former President John Kennedy.”

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