As a tribute to Canada Day, here is an excerpt from Out of My Mind from the My Political Viewpoint section. A blast from the past.
Canada Day 2018,
Let the Trade War Begin
Earlier in June, 2018, United States President Donald Trump declared war on Canada’s economy by posting huge tariffs on Canadian steel and aluminum going into the US. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has retaliated with trade tariffs of his own. This somehow took President Trump by surprise, even though Prime Minister Trudeau warned him that he would respond in kind. It is possible that since Trudeau was not openly hostile to him at the G7 Summit in Quebec, Trump mistook Canadian politeness and graciousness for weakness. Or it could be that Trump is going by past history, and I will be the first to admit that Trudeau has not been our strongest leader, including not following through with his promise to protect our softwood lumber from Trump’s tariffs last year.
But that was then and this is now, and Trump has apparently pushed our Prime Minister too far. And like the boxer he is, Trudeau is coming out swinging, promising to match tariff for tariff. Trump is bristling, threatening and name calling, as Trump is wont to do. Of course Trump’s supporters are also threatening and name calling Prime Minister Trudeau, as good lackeys who want to hold on to their jobs tend to do.
It isn’t only Canada that Trump is attempting to bully. He has also set tariffs against a number of our European allies, several of whom are also retaliating with tariffs of their own. Surprisingly, he has included China in his trade war. Surprising, not only because President Trump has been getting along well with Chinese President Xi Jinping, but because so many Trump brand products are made in China. But Trump seems determined to have his war, not matter what it costs the American people or the people of the world.
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Happy Canada Day.