Check out the fun new Political Party Games
The White House Shuffle, Risk, The Real Game and much more
by Brian Campbell
Campbell Alternative News, Political Games Division on

U.S. President Donald Trump has created a brand new game in Washington DC. The game is called The White House Shuffle and it combines musical chairs with a conga line.  All the top officials are playing it from the cabinet to the FBI to the Supreme Court.  In fact, Trump insists that everyone play the game; no exceptions. Not only is everyone playing, anyone can lose their seat, at any time, from Attorney Generals, to FBI Directors to Communications Directors.

The twist in this game is that those playing don’t have to wait until their seat is pulled out from under them.  They can be a game changer by voluntarily stepping aside and giving up their seat to anyone brave enough to take it.  Michael Dubke recently pulled this trick move, livening up the game by handing off his seat to Anthony Scaramucci, causing both Sean Spicer and Reince Priebus to give up their seats. Ironically, Scaramucci lost his seat in the next round of play, barely 10 days later.

This is a fast paced game and you need to keep a careful eye on all the players to see if you can guess who will go next. President Trump admits to enjoying this game, saying that it has been a difficult transition for him, switching from his old job to the Presidency.  He says that it helps him tremendously to be able to say, “You’re fired!” every couple of weeks.  President Trump refers to it as, The Apprentice, Presidential Edition. Play along at home. Watch out for the next exciting round and see if you can guess who the next one to go is.  Our money is on Robert Mueller.

But for now let’s take a look at the new political game being played by President Trump and North Korean Leader, Kim Jong-un, Risk, The Real Game. This game of strategy may appear slow to the uninitiated, but those who understand the game find it filled with tension. In fact, many people worldwide are watching with baited breath as each player rolls their dice, waiting to see who pulls the nuclear card first.  In this game there are no winners, only survivors.

Meanwhile, north of the border, those of us in Manitoba are watching as Manitoba Premier, Brian Pallister, drops in for a visit from his home in Costa Rica and plays his favourite game, Wheel of Service Cuts. Who knows what will go on the next spin of the wheel; Another Emergency Room, or maybe a Research Lab?  But then there’s the bonus round, where some lucky Service gets to receive money. What will it be; a Seniors’ Facility, or maybe our crumbling infrastructure?  Noooo…this time it looks like Assiniboine Park gets a new garden. Check in next month, or whenever Premier Pallister decides to visit Manitoba again, for the next exciting round of, Wheel of Service Cuts.

Our politicians are working diligently, both north and south of the border, to provide us, the taxpayers, with many exciting games to enjoy while they spend our tax dollars. Stay tuned for our upcoming game, provided by the U.S.A., Canada and Mexico, The NAFTA Negotiation Challenge. Coming soon, depending on the results of Risk, The Real Game. Good luck.