Go! Go! Gone…But Not Forgotten
Brian Campbell

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Well the dream is over. Our high flying Jets have been shot down in flames by the upstart Las Vegas Golden Knights and their brand new team, top heavy with Canadian players and a Canadian coach.  Lower the Jets’ flag to half mast, cease the chant, let the white sale commence.

But wait! Let’s not hang our heads just yet. This year, our Winnipeg Jets have boldly gone where no Jets team has gone before, to the Western Conference Finals of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. They are among the top four of a 31 team NHL roster. In fact, before they were knocked out, they managed to remove last year’s Western Conference winners, the Nashville Predators, in an arena filled (well, half filled) with nothing but opposing team fans. That is not too shabby when you think about it. No, not too bad at all.

So don’t abandon that white t-shirt or jersey just yet, because this may be just the beginning of a brand new era, an era of our Winnipeg Jets flying high, battling their way to the top, and maybe even…dare we imagine it…bringing home the Stanley Cup. This season has made that lofty goal a very real possibility.

Thank you, Winnipeg Jets, for a very exciting NHL season, a season of street parties, where the wearing of white became a city wide fashion trend, a season where all of Canada and North America had their eyes on Winnipeg. Thank you for keeping professional hockey in Winnipeg farther into spring than it ever has before.

So gentlemen, hold your heads high and bask in the glory. You’ve done us proud. Enjoy your summer holiday, you’ve earned it. Lick your wounds (just your own, let’s leave that other nonsense in Boston where it belongs), review the videos and see what you can do to tighten things up and improve for next season. Work on your skills and your teamwork, and prepare for the time when you will once again hear your many fans cry out:  GO JETS GO!