With Thanksgiving behind us, it’s time to move along to the next upcoming seasonal event, my personal favourite, Halloween. Here is my tribute to Halloween from the Seasonally Speaking section of Out of My Mind. Enjoy.

Haunting Music

Halloween means different things to different people. Once it was the pagan festival of All Hallows Eve, a night where restless spirits wandered the earth. To appease them, people would say prayers and leave gifts. The Celts took it as a reason to celebrate and party, a tradition that many people have continued to this day. Maybe that is why Halloween is my favourite of all the holidays. Blame it on my Scottish roots.

But while the adults party, children are dressing up in costumes and will soon be coming to your door, looking for sweet treats. Pumpkins are getting slaughtered by the hundreds, just so people can hollow them out, carve a face on them, stick a candle inside, then stick them on their doorsteps or in their windows. Homes and businesses are decorated with ghosts, witches, vampires, skeletons, and other scary paraphernalia. Adults bring out their inner child and dress in costumes, to go to one of the above mentioned parties, or just to stay at home and hand out treats.

Halloween is also the time to bring out your scary music. This is what I want to talk about today. Most people know the standards: The Monster Mash, by Bobby “Boris” Pickett, Ghostbusters, by Ray Parker Jr, Thriller, by Michael Jackson, Purple People Eater, by Sheb Wooley, Spooky, by the Classics IV and Witch Doctor, by David Seville.

Connoisseurs likely have AC/DC’s Hells Bells, Iron Maiden’s Number of the Beast, Warren Zevon’s Werewolves of London, the Rolling Stones doing Sympathy for the Devil, Blue Oyster Cult playing Don’t Fear the Reaper, or CCR doing Bad Moon Rising. Maybe you are a fan of Alice Cooper’s Welcome to My Nightmare, The Black Widow or Feed My Frankenstein. Now that I think of it, there are very few Alice Cooper songs that wouldn’t fit a Halloween Theme.

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