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Legacy of the Master

Here is another excerpt from my book, Out of My Mind, out of the Living The Adventure section.
Legacy of the Master
Randy saw the fist coming an instant before it split his lip and sent stars flashing before his eyes. He was stumbling backwards when the foot caught him in the stomach, doubling him over and nearly lifting him off the ground. He dropped to the ground, curling into a ball, as the gang took turns kicking him.
They finally stopped and Randy risked sucking some air into his aching lungs. That’s when the knee came crashing down on his back. The air exploded from his lungs and his bladder released, soaking his jeans. The teen pressed down with his knee, holding Randy down, while he pulled out Randy’s wallet. He removed the money as he stood up and casually tossed the wallet beside Randy’s crumpled form.
“Next time just hand over the damn money. It may save you a world of pain.” He flashed the other boys a wicked grin, then kicked Randy in the ribs. “Then again, Maybe not.”
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