May Day, May Day
Brian Campbell

Well, here we are.  May. Spring has officially come to Manitoba, I think.  So far, spring temperatures have been as consistent as this past winter’s was.  22, 15, 19, 11, 21, 12.  It almost sounds like a quarterback calling numbers before hiking the ball.  Not that the numbers mean anything anyway.  We’ll get what we get in spite of the forecast.  I always thought that it would be great to be a weather forecaster.  Accuracy is not necessary for job security.

But as unpredictable as it is, spring is definitely here.  Snow has been replaced by rain and green grass and buds on trees are beginning to make an appearance.  There are, of course, several other sure signs of spring in Winnipeg.  You know what I mean.  That’s right.  Construction is in full bloom on at least half of our city streets, with more popping up on a daily basis. Happy driving.

And leave us not forget another sure sign of spring; the wildlife are returning to our city parks.  No, I am not talking about the ducks, geese and squirrels.  I’m talking about yet another infestation of Pokémon zombies, wandering aimlessly around the parks, staring blankly into their phones.  There should be a support group or something.  Can’t anybody help these poor creatures?

Finally, spring and May in particular brings me yet one more Birthday; that annual reminder that I am getting old(er).  May Day, May Day.  Emergency.  Old man walking.  Anyway, life has been interesting thus far. So interesting in fact, that I almost dread finding out what it has waiting for me next.  Frankly, I wouldn’t mind if the future turned out to be a bit less interesting.  However, that is about as predictable and controllable as the weather, so I’ll simply batten down the hatches and prepare for whatever comes my way.

To be honest, I can’t complain that much.  Even though the ride has been bumpy, life has sent a wonderful wife and some great friends along to join me on the trip.  When looking back, I would be afraid to change anything for fear that I may lose out on some of the positive things that have come my way.  I think I’ll just leave things the way they are.

So that’s my rant for this month.  Have a great spring and get your sunblock and mosquito spray ready.  Summer is right around the corner.