Ode to October
Brian Campbell

And so, the end is near,
and now I face, another winter;
My friends, I say it clear,

Sorry, about that. I had to do it. I feel better now. Well, the dream is over and here we are in mid-October. The temperature is dropping; leaves are turning colour; the geese are heading south; the snowbirds are heading south; nature is already preparing for the inevitable coming of…I hate to use the W word. You know…

Admittedly, winter is not my favourite season. Although this year I have one thing that almost (I said almost) makes me look forward to colder temperatures. I find myself curious to see if all the Pokémon Go players will still be occupying the Leo Moll Sculpture Garden at minus 20. Yes, I’m mean, and I admit it. But I bet you are curious as well now, aren’t you?

Of course, this is also the season for Winnipeg to show off its culture, with RMTC, Prairie Theatre Exchange, RWB, Manitoba Opera, Manitoba Chamber Orchestra and WSO all starting up their seasons this month.  And it is the beginning of hockey season and time to start rooting for our Winnipeg Jets and Manitoba Moose.

Thanksgiving is now behind us. I gave thanks for our long summer and asked, ‘Please, can I have some more?’ Cross your fingers. It may help.

Of course we still have Halloween to look forward to. This is one of my favourite occasions, mainly because, at least in modern times, the whole occasion involves nothing more than dressing up and having fun. And eating candy, of course.  Now that is my kind of holiday!

But whatever you do this time of year, have a good one and take care. Try to stay warm.  And if you are heading south, please keep in mind that I can fit into most luggage. Just a suggestion.

See you next month.