As we say goodbye to September, I think it’s time to post a fall story from the Seasonably Speaking section of Out of My Mind. Enjoy.

Ode to October

And so, the end is near,
and now I face,
another winter;
My friends, I say it clear,

Sorry about that. I had to do it. I feel better now. Well, the dream is over and here we are in mid-October. The temperature is dropping; leaves are turning colour; the geese are beginning to head south; the snowbirds are packing up and heading south; nature is already preparing for the inevitable coming of…I hate to use the W word. You know…

Admittedly, winter is not my favourite season. Although this year I have one thing that almost (I said almost) makes me look forward to colder temperatures. I find myself curious to see if all the Pokémon Go players will still be occupying the Leo Moll Sculpture Garden at minus 20. Yes, I’m mean, and I admit it. But I bet you are curious as well now, aren’t you?

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