With camping season upon us, here is an excerpt from the “All in the Family” section of “Out of My Mind” about a family camping trip from hell.
Rain Rain Go Away
Kathy watched the dark clouds looming ominously overhead. “It’s going to rain,” she said.
“Oh, please no!” Dan begged. “I finally got the barbecue to the point where I can put the food on. It can’t rain now. It can’t.”
“I don’t think the weather cares.”
Dan gazed skyward. He sighed. “You’re probably right. Better start gathering everything up to make a run for it, I’m at least going to try to cook up some burgers quickly.”
“I’d go for hot dogs if I were you. They take less time.”
“But I promised the kids burgers. And you know how Tina can be.”
“Good luck with that,” Kathy said, as she started putting mustard, relish and ketchup into a box.
They could use some luck right about now. So far this weekend hadn’t been going at all like they had planned. This camping trip for the long weekend had been something they had been looking forward to for months now. Both of them had sat down with the children and discussed it well in advance. They got the kids involved with the planning, divided up the duties, and it had been working out great. They had the route worked out, the supplies collected, and everything double and triple checked a week in advance.
They even loaded all non-perishables in the car the night before so they wouldn’t have to rush around first thing in the morning. Everything was perfect. So this morning everyone was up early, the kids were excited, and they were ready. They had a leisurely breakfast and started merrily on their way.
Then they blew a tire. It took over an hour to get it changed and repaired, and the kids started to get restless. Then they got caught in the long weekend traffic. Another three hours of stop and start driving and the kids began to complain. Finally they made it to their favourite camping spot, only to find out that it had become everyone else’s favourite camping spot. Yet another two hours in the car searching for a different place to set up camp and the kids were screaming.
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