Are you worried about your online presence? Social Media is the communications wave of the future.  Everybody has a Facebook page, a Twitter account, a LinkedIn profile, plus many, other social media outlets.  But are they doing what they are supposed to for your company? Are they presenting your company the way you want to be seen?  If not, High Hopes Communications can help.

Brian has years of experience working with social media, first with the ALS Society of Manitoba, then with High Hopes Communications. Brian created the Promenade Business Exchange’s Facebook, Google+ and YouTube pages and promoted them effectively over the last year.

High Hopes Communications can work with you to help target your social media to your intended audience, both reaching the right people and sending the right message.  Brian will talk with you about your needs and expectations, your target market and company profile, to create a social media plan specifically tailored to you and your intended audience.

Brian can help with your social media content including text, pictures, videos and more. He can create ads, announcements and updates for your business profile. Brian will work with you to create content that best highlights and promotes your business.

If you simply don’t have time to be constantly updating your social media, let High Hopes Communications do it for you. Brian can monitor and update your social media to keep it fresh and interesting. He can check, post and keep track of your social media so it never goes stagnant and is always getting attention.

If you need help with Search Engine Optimization or Web Advertising, Brian can connect you to professionals who can help.

For all of your Social Media needs, look to High Hopes Communications to make your Promotional Dreams Come True.

Sample Social Media Content