Here is an excerpt from the “Living the Adventure” section of “Out of My Mind.”
The End
Dennis walked down the silent street, past the closed, empty stores and shops, and marveled at how different everything was now. He remembered when everything was bustling and busy. The streets were filled with people, all with places to go and things to do. But not anymore. Oh, how things had changed. He shook his head sadly.
He stopped in front of the grocery store, pushed the creaky door open and walked in. For a moment, he stood in the doorway, imagining how things used to be, florescent lights brightening the aisles as people pushed their carts down row by row of produce, meats, dry and canned goods, making their selections. Today was Saturday, so many people would have been crowded in the store, doing their regular weekend shopping.
But not anymore. Dennis walked, sadly, down the rows of empty shelves and racks that stood in mute testament of how much things had changed. He stopped in front of what used to be the candy aisle, his mind unearthing memories of childhood days, coming here with his mother and doing his best to be patient while she shopped, knowing that if he did, she would bring him here to pick out his reward. He slid his finger along the dust coated shelf. No reward now. Not here. Not now. Not ever again. Dennis sighed, then turned and walked out of the store.