More to think about before the November 3rd, US election. Another story from the My Political Viewpoint section of Out of My Mind.
The Great Wall
During his 2016 campaign, United States President, Donald Trump proudly claimed, “I will build a great wall and nobody builds walls better than me, believe me.” Now, after nearly 15 months of POTUS (President Of The United States) Donald Trump, I have to say that he has proven it to me beyond any doubt.
No, he has not yet built his promised wall between the USA and Mexico, but he has erected walls virtually everywhere he has gone, or even spoken about.
Oxford Dictionary has defined a wall as, “A thing regarded as a protective or restrictive barrier.” Merriam Webster defines it as, “Something that acts as a barrier or defense.” says, “An immaterial or intangible barrier or obstruction.” The online Free Dictionary defines it as either, “To divide or separate,” “To confine or seal,” or “To block or close.” And one definition from Cambridge Dictionary suggests, “A way of feeling or behaving that completely prevents two groups of people from communicating with or understanding each other.”
Yes, I know that these are not the number one definitions of wall from these dictionaries, but they are listed, not only in these publications, but similar definitions appear in many other dictionaries as well. And these are the kinds of wall that President Trump is building. He started by reinforcing and raising the barrier between the Republicans and the Democrats, making it virtually impossible for them to work together, for the benefit of the people. His wall has made it difficult, if not impossible for supporters of either party to debate their opinions without resorting to threats and name calling. He may not have created the “Us against Them” attitude, but he certainly has reinforced and built on to it.
He has rebuilt formerly crumbling walls between black and white, North and South, rich and poor, gay and straight and male and female. Years of progress mending relationships and undoing past damage have been shredded in just over 400 days and fences have been replaced by solid walls of ignorance and narrowmindedness. President Trump has dragged out every elephant in every psyche and proudly claimed them as his own. Walls have been slammed down between US citizens and immigrants, totally forgetting that everyone without First Nations blood is the descendent of an immigrant. Walls of religion are growing daily between Christian and Muslim, even among those who have a pretty sketchy religious history.
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