The Whole World’s Going Crazy
Brian Campbell

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What is happening to our world?  Across the pond, the UK is immersed in Brexit: Should we leave the European Union or shouldn’t we? South of the border, the Mueller report is in and Trump has been found not guilty of collusion with Russia. Maybe. Then again, maybe not. Here in Canada…My, oh my, oh my… And that doesn’t even include the unrest in Mexico, Haiti, Venezuela, Yemen and, let’s face it, virtually all of the usual suspects in the Middle East.

So let’s start by crossing the pond to the United Kingdom (UK). On June 23, 2016 they took a vote on whether or not to leave the European Union (EU), which resulted in less than 52 percent of the participating voters voting in favour of leaving. From then until now, there have been protest marches, discussions, resignations, meetings, arguments, threats, agreements made and discarded, repeatedly, but, as yet, no move to actually leave the EU. This has gone on so long that the Urban Dictionary defines Brexiting as, “Telling everyone that you are leaving the party, but continuing to stick around.”

Personally, I can’t believe that the UK government actually put this to a vote without making a plan about how to actually follow through with it. Were they that confident that it would get voted down? On that subject, why on earth would they make such a serious decision based on more than 50 percent people being in favour? Knowing the seriousness of the matter, and knowing that many people don’t come out to vote, they should have based the decision on only a large majority being in favour, say, 70 percent or more. I am, quite frankly, surprised that the British government put so little thought into such a serious matter. I swear they usually put more thought into what biscuits to have with tea. To put it in language the Brits may understand: “You silly blokes have gone made a ruddy cock-up of the whole blinkin’ thing, haven’t you? Now the whole bloody thing is a flippin’ sticky wicket. Good bloody luck with that.”

On this side of the Atlantic, the long anticipated Mueller investigation is over and the results are…ambiguous, at best. In May, 2017, Robert Mueller took over the investigation of United States (US) President Donald Trump for possible collusion with Russia. After nearly two years of listening to President Trump scream, “no collusion,” and “witch hunt,” while the world waited with baited breath, Mueller’s findings were finally released. But they were not released to the public, nor even to the US congress or senate, but to Trump-appointed US Attorney General, William Barr. Barr then broke down the more than 300 page document into a four page summary virtually overnight. So quickly, in fact, that one might almost think that he had the document prepared in advance.

That document, amazing as it seems, if you don’t think about it too much, claimed that there was no definitive proof that Trump colluded with Russia. Trump went into celebratory mode immediately, announcing in a number of quickly scheduled public performances that he was completely exonerated. He announced this, even though the summary fell short of exonerating him, and, in fact, stated quite clearly that Trump was not exonerated.

Unsurprisingly, the Democratic Party demanded to see Mueller’s whole report. Also unsurprisingly, the Republicans, led by President Trump, said that was unnecessary, that Barr’s summary should be enough. But then Barr recanted, stating that his four page report was not, in fact, a summary, and that it would be impossible to summarize Mueller’s nearly 400 page report in four short pages. That’s right, you heard correctly. Mueller’s report has now grown to nearly 400 pages. Needless to say the Democrats went through the roof. A vote was taken in congress and the final decision is that if Barr doesn’t release the full Mueller report soon (when is soon?) they would issue subpoenas to have it released (soon). Ladies and gentlemen, book your tickets now for Witch Hunt II, the Sequel. Coming Soon! (When is soon?)

Here in Canada…oh Hell…where do I start? Let’s start with the childish fiasco that is going to go down in history as the SNC-Lavalin Affair or the SNC-Lavalin Scandal. Although it has been an ongoing criminal investigation since 2015, it only came into the public eye in February 2019, when an anonymous source leaked to the Globe and Mail that the Federal Government was trying to pressure Canadian Attorney General, Jody Wilson-Raybould, to intervene in the case. Gee, I wonder how privileged information like that could possibly get leaked out? Shades of Watergate!

For the sake of historical information. SNC-Lavalin is the blanket name for a group of construction and engineering companies doing business around the world, and which holds a number of government contracts representing approximately 9,000 Canadian jobs.

Anyway, after an extended period of political maneuvering that we are more used to seeing south of the border, Wilson-Raybould finally gets the opportunity to speak. Over the next few days she proceeds to dig Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s grave, push him in, and pile dirt on top of him, making sure to leave enough room for key members of his staff. She even had tapes made. Good God, it is Watergate! During this time, Prime Minister takes the stance of every political leader every put in his position; deny, deny, deny. “I am not an intimidator!” “I did not intimidate that woman!”  “That would depend on what your definition of intimidation is.” “I honestly don’t remember trying to intimidate her.”

Meanwhile, on the other side of the floor, Progressive Conservative Leader, Andrew Scheer, is behaving like that kid in school you always want to beat up. “Teacher! Did you see what Justin did? Justin has been bad! I think Justin should be punished! I think you should expel him! Are you going to expel Justin, teacher? Are you? Are you? Because I think he should be expelled? Oh, if you expel Justin, could I get his desk?”

Scheer even took the opportunity to kick Trudeau while he was down, by sending out emails, social media messages, and robocalls (aren’t they illegal?)\, advising people in, Manitoba, Ontario, Saskatchewan and New Brunswick to fill up before the April 1st Carbon Tax took effect. This scare tactic worked quite well and further enraged the public against Trudeau, even though gas prices went up less than five cents a litre. I’m sorry, but with our volatile fuel prices, gas jumps ten cents a litre and more every time someone in Saudi Arabia sneezes. Interestingly enough, Justin’s father, Pierre, used a proposed gas increase of 18 cents a gallon (4.8 cents a litre) by then Prime Minister, Joe Clark as leverage to wrest power from him. I guess what goes around comes around.

I wouldn’t mind seeing Trudeau fall, he has pretty much been a disappointment for much of his time in office, if I honestly thought that Scheer would do a better job. Unfortunately, I think that the snarky little twit is planning to work so hard proving how different than he is from Trudeau, he will simply dismantle Canada in a completely different way than Trudeau would. If you doubt what the future would be with Scheer, just look at Ontario under Ford or Manitoba under Pallister. As opposed to spending money like it’s going out of style, they will cut funding to within an inch of its life, balancing the budget if it kills us, which it probably will for some people.

On a final note, Jody Wilson-Raybould said in a statement that she had never intended to hurt Prime Minister Trudeau, that she was trying to protect him. Oh, please! You hadn’t intended to hurt him when you pitched him over a cliff? I find that difficult to believe. A number of people, including Wilson’Raybould, were upset and outraged when she was removed from the Liberal caucus. How did you think that would turn out? When you publicly report your boss for a wrongdoing, justified or not, you will no longer be working for that organization. That’s the way it works in any business, company or organization, not just in politics. And frankly, if you were so uncomfortable with the way things were going in your workplace that you felt justified in going to the media, why would you want to work there?  Next time Jody, if you are trying to climb over people to get to the top, stab them in the back quietly, in a way that won’t lead back to you. Don’t cut them up with a chainsaw on prime time television.  Just sayin’.

And thus ends the latest episode of As The World Squirms. Join us next week, provided we’re all still here.