They’ve Got Big Bombs
Brian Campbell
Campbell Alternative News

U.S. President Donald Trump and North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un are having a disagreement that could very well affect the whole world. They are currently in the process of comparing the sizes of their bombs to see whose is bigger.

Says President Trump, “There is absolutely doubt about this. My bombs are the biggest. My bombs are so big you wouldn’t believe it.  In fact, I may have the biggest and best bombs of any President in the history of the world. No kidding. I showed President Putin my bombs and he was very impressed.  He said that he has never seen bombs as big as mine.  He said that he has big bombs; but I have the biggest bombs of them all. Look at these hands. Are these the hands of someone with small bombs?”

No comment.

Kim Jong-un has a different opinion. He says, “That Chump thinks he has big bombs. He has no idea what big bombs are. He’s never seen bombs like mine.  If he wants to see bombs, I’ll show him bombs. Do you want to see my bombs? I’ll show you!”

I declined the offer and I am trying my best not to visualize it.

And so the bomb debate continues. One thing is for certain.  I would prefer not to be around when they switch from shooting off their mouths to shooting off their bombs.  No matter which one wins, the world may be the biggest loser.


Brian Campbell is a reporter for Campbell Alternative News.