Trump has Finally Made a Name for Himself on Google
Brian Campbell

Article with pictures:

When we were kids, we used to tease each other by saying things like, “You’re so stupid that if you looked in the dictionary under idiot, your picture would be there.”

Well, thanks to the internet, it has finally happened. If you Google the word, idiot, the first thing you will see is US President Donald Trump’s picture, not just once, but repeatedly and growing.

Congratulations Donald, you have finally made a name for yourself, and that name is idiot.

How did this happen? Well it began with the United Kingdom embracing the Green Day song, “American Idiot” ahead of Donald Trump’s visit to the UK and their desire to make it the number one song in Britain during his visit. That started the ball rolling. But it rapidly grew to avalanche like proportions when people took to the internet with the intention of connecting President Trump and the word idiot any way they could.

Since search engines are designed to pick up behavior trends, when people speak, the internet answers. And apparently the people have spoken quite loudly, because Google has responded with multitudes of Donald Trump images connected to the word idiot. Isn’t the internet wonderful?

So is President Trump worthy of the title, idiot? Let’s see, he has pissed off Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, China, the United Nations, the G7, NATO, the Netherlands…Have I missed anyone? Quite likely. But he didn’t stop there. He sided with Russia, publically, over his own FBI. Not to mention buddying up to Kim Jon Un.

Now I know there is a lot more, but I really don’t have time to work my way right back to the beginning of his Presidency, so let’s just stick with the last month or so.  Yes, all this has happened in just over a month, believe it or not.

Based on that I think that, yeah, you’ve earned it Donald. You really deserve to have your face pictured under the word idiot. Congratulations. The title is yours.

President Donald J. Idiot Trump.