Us vs the World
Brian Campbell

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I’ve had it pointed out recently that George Carlin once said that it is quite audacious and egotistical for human beings to feel that they are capable of destroying the world. I happen to agree with both him and George. The human race is, and never will, be capable of actually destroying the earth.

But we are capable of threatening it, which is what we are doing now. And the earth is reacting to that threat. The earth is treating us much like our body treats a cold or flu virus.

Think about it. How does our body react to a cold, flu, or other virus? It gets a fever to force the virus out. Right? That’s exactly what the earth is doing. It’s turning up the heat with the intention of getting rid of the threat (that’s us). Once the threat (us again) has been removed, the earth will turn down the temperature and begin to heal itself.  That would be great for the earth. Not so much for us.

Personally, I am not thrilled about being burned off the earth like some cold germ. But it seems to me that we have a decision to make. We can either let the earth heal itself and find out how many generations it takes before we are eradicated. Or we can start working right now to convince the earth that we are not a threat to it.

I don’t know about you, but to me this doesn’t seem like a difficult decision. Clean up our act. Do it now, or the earth will deal with the problem itself, by dealing harshly with us.

Time to get on board people. Are we going to step up and start fixing the problem we created? Or are we going to get burned out of existence like some nasty virus? It’s our decision.